CPD opportunities available to veterinarians throughout the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth Veterinary Association (CVA) has been given the opportunity to manage an education portal connected to the World Veterinary Association (WVA) Education Network. The managed portal will allow the CVA to offer education within the WVA Education Network. The WVA Education Network offers an every expanding range of on-line CPD education from a range of well recognised providers including:

  • Missouri CVM
  • Colorado State CVM
  • The RVC
  • Bristol SVM
  • Dublin SVM
  • NC State CVM
  • UC Davis SVM
  • Oklahoma SVM
  • Ohio State CVM
  • Purdue CVM
  • Alaska SVM

The material is available to all veterinarians, has been peer reviewed, provides subject matter specialists, and gives CPD points for study completed. Roughly half its contents is available at a nominal fee and the other half is available free of charge. The contents which incur a charge are generally available at less than 50% of the total cost for users from developing countries. It's up to the user to decide what contents they would like to study so for them it could be free of charge. This provides the CVA with a way of providing free of charge on-line CPD to all veterinarians within the commonwealth.

To register visit http://cva.wcea.education