Profile for the new Director of Animal Health and Livestock Development
Dr Patrick Benson Chikungwa
(veterinary surgeon/livestock expert)

Profile Summary

A Qualified Veterinary Surgeon/Livestock expert with over 18 years experience in public service at senior management level. A holder of postgraduate qualification with specialization in Tropical Animal Health and Production obtained at Institute of Tropical Medicine in Belgium in 2004. Also a holder of an award in Leading change management obtained at Royal Institute of Public Administration in London, United Kingdom in 2012. Responsibilities held in public service include Acting Director (Since 1st May, 2017), Deputy Director for Animal Health and Livestock Development (2008 to 2017) responsible for Animal health and production, Research and disease Investigations; Officer-In charge/ Head of the Central Veterinary Laboratory (2003-2007), Chief Animal Health and Livestock Development Officer (1999- 2002) responsible for implementation of Animal health and production programmes in the field within Kasungu and Karonga ADDs. In addition he has been a National Coordinator for SADC Trans-boundary Animal disease control Project (2007-2013) and counterpart for International Atomic Energy Agency Projects in Animal health and production. Has experience in Public and Private Veterinary Administration Governance, Policy formulation and guidance in the management of livestock production, animal disease control and surveillance, Regulation and management of import and export of livestock, sanitary certification of traded animals and animal products, herd health programmes, practical implementation of breeding programs, Animal diseases investigations, diagnosis and control with emphasis on trade sensitive animal diseases. He has also been instrumental in the revival of Mikolongwe College of Veterinary Science and Establishment of Veterinary Medicine Training in Malawi through LUANAR. He has also been a member of Medicines Committee of the Pharmacy, Medicines and Poisons Board. He was actively involved in the transfer of skill and technology for the I-2 Newcastle disease vaccine at Central Veterinary Laboratory.